Spread your wings & Travel the world

Read about experiences from Travalas all over the world.

About Travalas

Travalas is a community of women who travel around the world and want to share their personal experiences and tips. Sometimes it can be a bit scary to travel by yourself, that’s why we want to encourage women to get out of their comfort zone and get to know the world a little bit better. Read the solo Travalas blogs here.

That’s why we created our slogan:

‘Spread your wings & Travel the world’

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If you want to read more about a specific place you can go to discover, here you will find blogposts about different destinations. If you like any of these blogposts or have extra tips, you can always write a comment or show it some love by liking or sharing the post.

Interested in being featured on this blog? Contact us by sharing your story, so you will have the opportunity to tell other Travalas about your experience.

Travalas is also active on Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. So be sure to follow us there so we can discover your beautiful pictures and videos.

 Have fun reading!

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