Galapagos Islands: Life as a Galapagos Hostess

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Hi my name is Laura and I am a hostess on the Galapagos Islands and I’m working for Rebecca Adventure Travel. I have been living at the Galapagos for seven years and now I live at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz island.

Living in the Galapagos Islands is fun and of course very different to living in other places. There is so much to see and explore at this small and special spot in the world. Because most of the area is a National Park and it is protected and you cannot explore the islands on your own, you have to join in guided tours. Due to its wonderful and unique flora and fauna, people from all over the world are attracted by these Islands. Therefore, the Galapagos islands are a very touristic place. For me it is lovely to meet all these different people and different cultures form all over the world.

Despite of the tourism, it is not overcrowded, but carefully protected. Animals are still very trustful and live next to humans. In the Galapagos you can see a giant tortoise crossing the street instead of a cat or you have to watch out when sitting on one of the benches, because it could be occupied by a sea lion having a nap there.

On the islands we have only two seasons: the cold season from around June to November and the hot season from December to May. All year round you can enjoy the islands and see a lot of things. For me the hidden treasure in the Galapagos is the underwater world. There are underwater activities throughout the whole year, but the ocean is warmer and calmer during the hot season. You can see sharksturtlessea lionsfishes and rays while snorkeling. Sometimes when you are lucky you can even see sunfish (cold season), penguins or whales.

The islands offer something for nearly everybody, but especially for those who love nature, for people searching for adventures or those who want to be disconnected from the rest of the world. You can enjoy the lovely beaches, do guided daily tours, take a cruise ship around the islands, snorkel and dive. In the evenings you can enjoy the nightlife, have some drinks or dance a bit.

We have a street called “Los Kioskos” where you can find local food. It is very nice to sit there enjoying the atmosphere. Between June and November you can get a very tasty lobster at one of the many restaurants there.

If you come to Galapagos staying only a few days, I definitely recommend to go to Isabela for two days spending a night there and go snorkeling in Los Tuneles. Other very exciting tours are a trip to San Cristobal, snorkeling at Kicker Rock or a visit to Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz.

Come and enjoy the love of the Galapagos Islands. I am looking forward to meeting you here in Puerto Ayora! I would recommend other Travalas to come without any doubt.

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