Los Tuneles: The complete package!

Dear Travalas. Probably you have already read the blogs about the amazing island Isabela, the escape to paradise. My name is Mirjam, a Dutch travel addict and during my stay at the Galapagos I got to work in tourism for some days at Isabela island which I enjoyed a lot. My position at Rebecca Adventure Travel has made all these amazing travels possible! Without doubt I can tell you that the Los Tuneles tour, departing from Isabela, was the tour I enjoyed the most.

Los Tuneles: The complete package!

It was my lucky day when I arrived at the hotel to start my casual routine with answering the daily e-mails when, my local friend came to see me and told me that there was a space left for me at the famous Los Tuneles tour. Yay! So many times I heard people talking about this tour and now I finally got the chance to see all the beautiful fishes, sharks and turtles all at once!

First we went to try on the wetsuits in town and then they took us to the dock where we put on our life vests and entered the boat. During the Los Tuneles tour, you will always be with a maximum of 10 people which makes it easy to connect with your tour mates right away. When we were on the boat, we first went to see some blue footed boobies and very big manta rays before arriving at Los Tuneles. We hiked and on our way we got to see big cactuses and even a skeleton of a turtle. Because I forgot to put on some comfortable hiking shoes it was a little uncomfortable to walk on my flip-flops.

After the hike, it was time to start the best part of the tour! We put on our snorkeling equipment and went into the sea together with the experienced guide, who took us to the best snorkeling spots. The first thing we saw was a very big turtle swimming right in front of us. It was so special to see how they move slowly under the water with their big feet. After taking some pictures with the turtle, the guide took us to a corner where we could see more than 10 black-tip sharks ‘floating’ together. At another moment during the tour, there was a white-tip shark swimming right next to me. A little scary at first, but I felt like I was in a movie… Amazing! Last but not least, we got to see very big seahorses. The guide knew exactly where to find them and he made sure everyone got to see them.

When we were done with the snorkeling part, we all got back on the boat and they served us a delicious lunch and a juice. On high speed we went back to the dock on Isabela and from there on to the office to make sure we got all the pictures from the guide. I came back and still felt the excitement of the tour which lasted the entire day!

Los Tuneles for me was the complete package: Turtles, sharks, blue footed boobies, manta rays and even seahorses. All in one day.

Favorite travel quote

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”

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