Spain, Alicante: Beach life & Tapas

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The reason I started my tour operator, is because I love traveling and especially finding the undiscovered pearls of a destination. All my life I have been traveling, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family and sometimes with my boyfriend. But whenever I am traveling by myself, I always love to meet other (female) travelers!

Spain, Alicante

Every girl needs some girl-time every once in a while. Last September, I went with 3 friends to Alicante for a couple of days. We are all entrepreneurs and it was a blast speaking about our daily struggles. Alicante is a Spanish city on the Mediterranean Sea and perfect for a little beach escape. 

Alicante is a 2-hour-flight and (lucky me) KLM flies directly to Alicante from Amsterdam. KLM was very good to us and gave us all a business update on our way there. Upon arrival, we picked up our rental car (very cheap; about 30 USD per day) and we set off to El Campello, about 50 minutes away from Alicante city. We rented a seafront Airbnb apartment next to an outdoor swimming pool.

Alicante is a beautiful city with good restaurants and a nice boulevard, but unfortunately also full of tourists. If you’re looking for some authentic, Spanish beach villages, try going here; El Campello or La Villa Joisosa. If you are just looking for some quiet bays, you can try these: Cala Lanuza or Cala Baeza. In Cala Lanuza, there is a nice beach club with delicious food and it gives you all the comfort, like parasols and sunbeds; the name is Senses.

You are also close to Benidorm, which is a THE senior city of Spain. You see seniors having fun everywhere, which is why the tv-show Benidorm Bastards was filmed here. You can hire mobility scooters and when walking over the boulevard, you should be careful not to be trapped under a speedy senior. At night there is a lot of movement and the bars are great. My favorite is the Tiki beach bar with their amazing Mojito’s.

To me, Alicante is a great beach escape, even though it is full with European tourists

Top 3 Activities

Mobility scooter ride in Benidorm

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Beach chillin’ in La Villa Joiosa

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Shopping in Alicante

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Top 3 Restaurants

Restaurant Brel, El Campello

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Senses, El Campello

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Don Carlos, Alicante price icon  5


Bar: Tiki Beach, Benidorm

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Travalas Friendly        

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Favorite travel quote

‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.’

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