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The reason I started my tour operator is cause I love traveling and especially finding the undiscovered pearls of a destination. All my life I have been traveling, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends and sometimes with family and sometimes with my boyfriend. Whenever traveling by myself, I always love to meet other (female) travelers!

USA, Napa Valley

In May 2018 my curiosity brought me to California. We have a lot of guests in Ecuador from the United States so it is very important to me to learn more about their culture, service level and expectations. As an extension of a business visit to Las Vegas, I chose to fly to San Francisco. From there I went to Napa Valley for a couple of days. Please be aware that Northern California is very expensive so be prepared to spend… 

Upon arrival in San Francisco, I got the feeling being inside a movie. There are so many series and movies filmed in San Francisco so it all seemed very familiar to me. With the local bus that stops outside the terminal I went to downtown San Francisco for a couple of dollars. Of course Uber also works but it is very nice to get to know the local culture just by traveling by public bus. You can find al of my adventures from San Francisco in this blog, but for now I will focus on Napa. Renting a car is the easiest way to get to the Napa Valley; price is about 50 USD per day for a small car. From San Francisco airport you take the 101 and afterwards the Oakland – San Francisco Bay Bridge where you have lovely views over the city.

It’s about 1,5 hours before you get to Glen Ellen, a very small village next to a river and inside the woods between the vineyards. We found a guesthouse name “Gaige House”. At 5 PM there is a wine tasting from a local vineyard to get in the “wine-tasting-mood”. You get taught a bit about the different flavors, production styles and wine houses. There are numerous restaurants in Glen Ellen and it’s possible to walk around and pick the one you like. A main course costs about 25-30 USD and a glass of local wine about 10 USD.

The next day, after a delicious breakfast at Gaige House, I hit the road and stopped at the first winery of the day Mondavi. This is a commercial winery founder by Robert Mondavi. They are famous for a couple of wines. I did their one-hour site visit and tasted the Chardonnay which was absolutely amazing.

After this the exclusive winery, I visited Opus One. Opus One started from a collaboration between French Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Chateau Mouton Rothschild in Bordeaux and Robert Mondavi. That is why the taste of the Opus One wines is an excellent combination of Californian wine knowledge combined with the classic French Bordeaux.

Since I have a tour operator in Quito, every two days I really have to check my emails and do some work. So for the next days I rented an Airbnb close to Sanoma. Sanoma is a dream village; lots of nice design, second hand and funny stores (like dog boutiques), beautiful houses and small restaurants. My favorite store was Williams & Sanoma for all design kitchenware, decorations and gourmet foods.

Napa Valley; so much to do, so much to see and still an undiscovered pearl for mass tourism.

Top 3 Activities


Opus One Winery

price icon  5

Shopping in Sanoma

price icon 5

Walking around Glen Ellen

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Top 3 Restaurants

Saddles Steakhouse, Sanoma

price icon 5

The Fig Cafe, Glen Ellen

price icon   5
Farm Stead al Long Meadow Road, Oakville price icon  5


Bar: Glen Ellen Inn

price icon 3

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Favorite travel quote

‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.’

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