“Experience Curacao as a Local”

My name is Rebecca, I am from the Netherlands and I am the owner of Rebecca Adventure Travel.  WhatsApp Image 2018-08-03 at 09.09.21

The reason I started my tour operator, is because I love traveling and especially finding the undiscovered pearls of a destination. All my life I have been traveling, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family and sometimes with my boyfriend. But whenever I am traveling by myself, I always love to meet other (female) travelers! In this blog, I will tell you about my adventures in Curacao!


Experience the local life! Of course there are tons of nice restaurants, beach bars, and great clubs in Curacao, but the local life is just as fun.

What to do on the weekends?

The locals love to visit the beaches on a Sunday. You would take the “jug” (coolbox) and a BBQ and you can drive around 30 minutes to get to the hidden beaches around “Westpunt” at the Western site of the islands. Take some Brights, buy a fresh tuna or other fish and put it on your bbq. There are even some sea tortoises that you can snorkel with.

On the way to Westpunt there is a local Sunday market in the village Barber. Here locals will have an early lunch with typical local dishes like “Rabu” (tail) or “Kabritu stoba” (goat stew). You can also taste a delicious juice of “lamunchi” (lemon) and pumpkin pancakes. There is a also a woman who is specialized in plants and herbs.

What to do during the day?

In the mornings or in the late afternoons (around 5.30 PM) the Caracasbaai (Caracas Bay) is the place to be for sporty locals. It’s a great place to go walking / jogging or to go swimming. You can just park your car almost directly on the beach. A nice 30 min run or 1,5 hour walk is the road to Directeurs Baai (Directors’ Bay). This is mostly paved road but you will be surrounded by bush. The hike is about 3 kilometers to get there and 3 kilometers back. Afterwards you can dive into the Caribbean Sea to enjoy the refreshing waters.

Around the historical centre you can find more and more handicraft shops and restaurants. There is a delicious “batido” (fresh juices) bar, there is a little shop where they produce all types of lotions with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is one the plants that grows on the islands and has very good medical values. A short visit to the Integra Natural shop is highly recommended!

Playa Kanoa, a beach in the Northern part of the island where the coast is a bit rougher compared to the southern site is the perfect place for an afternoon swim. The local families love to spend afternoons there with the BBQ and some fresh fish. Don’t expect sweet water showers or beachbeds here.

What to do at night?

During the nights Curacao comes alive. You can visit the famous Happy hours (Friday @ Wet & Wild, Saturday @ Jan Thiel Beach and Sunday @ Hemmingway (BBQ Night and at 8 PM “Los Compradres” start playing which is lovely Salsa music all locals dance to. Chillings (before: Wet & Wild). The local places are “Sneks” the little convenient stores that are mostly run by Chinese people where you can buy cheap beers. There are also plenty of restaurants & bars in the Old Town, like the ones in the “Rif Fort” or the ones in the “Pietermaai” district.

Top 3 Activities

Swimming at the beaches

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Windsurfing Caracasbaai 

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BBQ at Playa Westpunt price icon

Favorite Restaurant


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 Zanzibar happy hour price icon
Live salsa music Los Compadres price icon

Travalas Friendly   

Travalas friendly

Favorite travel quote


‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.’

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